“Twisted” v0.0* Sgabello + Comodino

Product Description

  • Born in Italy, 2015
  • Sgabello in legno di abete tecnologia a tre strati di 17mm
  • Disegnato con algoritmi matematici che simolano i processi in natura. Sistema ad incastri.
  • Tagliato con tecnologia di macchine a controllo numerico
  • Assemblato artigianalmente in Italia
  • Colore modelo: “Naturale Twisted Dipinto”

  • AB-TwistedDipintoE

    Designed using our award-winning research, the “Twisted” scupltural stool combines computer design, engineering technology, digital fabrication technology and handmade finishing to create a new form with an elegant geometry. It can be rotated into eleven different positions, and can be used as a side-table, bookshelf or chair.

    We have developed a novel and innovate algorithm that allows us to calculate not only the specific three-dimensional angles in which all the planar components intersect, but also the correct positions for the geometry to form a self-supporting structure. The three-dimensional design of the stool results from the combination of geometry, material structure, thickness, fabrication and assemblage. The stool has been digitally fabricated by using a 5 axis CNC Milling machine robot. Once the stool has been assembled, it becomes self-supporting. The result is a 17 mm timber technology structure that supports up to 70 times its own weight.


    L Lunghezza 53CM
    W Larghezza 53CM
    H Altezza 45CM

    © Copyright 2015. Architectural Body di Emmanuel Ruffo

    Variazioni prodotto

    Weight 2.5 kg
    Dimensions 53 x 53 x 45 cm

    “Twisted” v0.0* Sgabello + Comodino